Apply for and renew business licences including premises, temporary events and street trading

Premises Licensing

Apply for a new premises licence, tell us about a change of circumstance and view or comment on applications

Personal licences

Personal licences let you authorise sales of alcohol from licences premises.

Massage and special treatments

Apply for or vary a licence for piercing, tattooing, beauty and spa treatments, and similar.

Street trading

Street trading includes selling items and placing tables or chairs on the highway.

Houses in Multiple Occupation

Apply for a Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) license.

Temporary Event Notices

Apply to sell alcohol, provide entertainment, or serve food and drink late on unlicenced premises.

Animal welfare licensing

Apply for a licence for your animal business, to keep a dangerous wild animal, or to run a zoo.

Approval of premises for marriage or civil partnerships

Apply for a licence to host marriage or civil partnership ceremonies at your business premises.


Apply for a licence to store and sell fireworks.

Film classification

Apply to get a film classified for public exhibition.

Gambling licensing

Licences are required for most gambling activities.


Apply for a licence if you plan to perform hypnotism for entertainment purposes.

Scrap metal dealers

Apply for a licence if you're collecting, buying, or selling scrap metal.

Sex establishments

Apply for or renew a licence for sex establishments.

Sports ground certificates

Safety certificates for sports grounds and spectator stands.

What we don't licence

Find out which licences are arranged by other organisations or other Council departments.