Report an issue

Links to report various issues in the borough

Faulty traffic signals or traffic lights on A roads

Report road issues on red routes to Transport for London (TfL). Red routes have single red or double red lines and are normally A roads such as the A217.


We will remove all unauthorised fly-postings as part of our street inspections.


Report a fly tip to us. If you see it happening, call the police on 999.


We will remove racist, offensive or abusive graffiti, and graffiti from our own property.

Replacement wheelie bins, boxes, bags and caddies

Information on replacement containers for waste and recycling services.

Report a blocked drain

Report a blocked drain on a public road.

Report a dockless e-bike

Report an abandoned or inconveniently parked hired bike.

Report a footpath defect

Report anything wrong with footpaths such as damage or an illegal obstruction.

Report a litter bin problem

Report a litter bin that is full, overflowing or damaged on a street or within a park. 

Report a missed collection

Please wait until after 6pm on your bin collection day to report a missed collection

Report a pothole or road defect

You can report potholes, road defects or footpath defects to us.

Report a problem with a grit bin

Report an empty grit bin or an issue with litter

Report a problem with street furniture

Report problems with bollards, benches, signs, and more.

Report abandoned vehicles on public roads

Report an untaxed and abandoned vehicle on public roads, private land or council housing estates.

Report abuse of an adult

If you are being abused or know someone who is at risk of being abused, contact us about your concerns.

Report breaches of planning and building control

If you believe a development has breached a planning control you can contact us.

Report long grass on verges, parks and open spaces

Report a park or verge that has grass which is significantly overgrown.

Roadkill (dead animals)

We'll remove dead animals from the road and Council-owned land.

Street cleaning

Report litter, weeds and dog fouling on council-maintained land.

Street lights

Report faulty or broken street lights, traffic signs or crossings; except those on red routes and A roads.