An efficient and well-run Council

By 2027, the Council will continue to deliver the best possible services within the resources available, making the most of its assets, workforce and digital innovation. View our Corporate Plan PDF.

Our ambitions

  • Develop and support the Council’s workforce 
  • Deliver accessible and great-quality customer services 
  • Invest in the right things and make the best use of the Council’s assets 

How will we do this?

  • Continue to develop and embed the Council's approach to community engagement 

  • Identify opportunities to make best use of the Council's assets so that our residents can access the right services in the right place, while making them more cost-effective and sustainable

  • Deliver improvements to Customer Services to make it easier for residents and businesses to find the information they need, access services and resolve issues quickly 

  • Work in partnership with our contractors and providers to ensure that they understand the Council’s values and have pride in the work they deliver in Sutton

  • Continue to performance manage and review all services to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible with a focus on the outcomes achieved

  • Implement the Financial Management Code Action Plan to ensure a good level of compliance with the CIPFA Financial Management Code, demonstrating strong financial management & governance