Quality and affordable housing

By 2027, more people in Sutton will live in safe, high-quality, and affordable homes. View our Corporate Plan PDF.

Our ambitions

  • Increase the number of affordable homes in the borough by building new homes, regenerating council estates and exploring innovative ways to increase the housing supply 
  • Ensure that all Council housing is safe, sustainable and of good quality
  • Work with partners to support people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, intervening early before issues escalate

How will we do this?

  • Deliver 405 new, low-carbon council homes at various locations across the borough by 2028

  • Through Sutton Housing Partnership, deliver a five-year programme of investment to ensure all Council housing meets the latest quality and safety standards

  • Make council homes more energy efficient by: ‘retrofitting’ 60 homes with the latest energy efficiency measures; ‘decarbonising’ 75 Council homes via the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund programme; and securing external funding for delivery of further decarbonisation schemes

  • Work with residents and communities to regenerate Council estates, complete delivery of the Beech Tree Place regeneration, progress regeneration of Elm Grove, complete an options appraisal for the regeneration of Benhill Estate and review the feasibility of regeneration for the remaining estates within the Estate Regeneration Programme

  • Increase the number of affordable private rented homes in Sutton 

  • Work with partners to prevent homelessness and support people who become homeless; reduce the number of people living in temporary accommodation

  • Improve the standard of private rented sector accommodation in Sutton by exploring an additional council licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation

  • Enable more social housing residents to have access to a faster internet connection