Adult social care transformation

19 Jun 2024

We are making some changes to how we deliver adult social care services. These changes will help us to better manage increasing demand for our services and to promote our residents' independence in the most efficient ways possible. 

New structure for adult social care services 

From 24 June 2024, the Council will deliver adult social care services under a new structure:

  • Our new Adult First Contact Service will be our front door. They will screen individuals for safeguarding and Deprivation of Liberty issues while managing social care and occupational therapy enquiries, helping residents to receive the information and support they need. 
  • Four Locality teams - Wallington, Carshalton, Sutton and Cheam - will work closely with NHS professionals to provide social care support. These teams will mirror the Integrated Neighbourhood Group, fostering a strong connection between social care services, local communities and community resources.
  • A new Mental Health, Learning Disabilities & Transitions service will provide dedicated support to residents on a longer-term basis. This team will be staffed by professionals with expertise in mental health, providing focused assessments, interventions, and support for adults experiencing mental health challenges.
  • A new Occupational Therapy Hub will support adults, young people and children after an illness or injury and assess their housing needs.
  • Our Hospital Pathway And Reablement Short Term and Assessment Team (START) will continue to help people recover from hospital stays and get back to living independently. 

Carers play a vital role in supporting us to deliver adult social care in Sutton, and we will assess and support carers in all the above areas as necessary.

The contact details for all enquiries remain and 020 8770 5000. 


We have some great career development opportunities in Adult Social Care - please see for more details or follow us on LinkedIn

Safeguarding referral forms

From the end of June, new safeguarding referral forms will replace the current ‘report a concern’ forms. These will be available on the report abuse of an adult web page and the telephone number for safeguarding referrals will continue to be 020 8770 6770.