Asking a question at your Local Committee

You can submit a formal question in advance of a Local Committee meeting. This will be discussed during the Public Question Time part of each meeting.

You may also be able to ask questions about other agenda items.

Submit your question online

How it works

You can ask up to 2 formal written questions per person or group at each meeting.

We'll aim to give you a written response to your question if you submit it at least 5 working days before the meeting.

This means you can ask one follow up question during the meeting. It has to be relevant to your original question.

You can submit your question from the day the meeting agenda is published (usually 10 days before the meeting) until 10am on the 5th working day before the meeting.

If we can't hear your question at the meeting due to time restrictions, we'll send a written response to you after it.

Verbal questions can be asked at any Local Committee meeting.

If you have any questions about the process, email