If you need further information you can contact the Sutton Family Information Service on 020 8770 6000.

Becoming a Childminder

Childminders are early years professionals who are registered with Ofsted. They look after children in their own homes and have basic training to prepare them to childmind, such as:

  • safeguarding training, and
  • a Paediatric First Aid training course

They set their own rates and working hours. 

The EYFS statutory framework requires that childminders:

  • have ratios for the maximum number of children they can care for at any one time

  • are insured to:

    • safeguard children 

    • assess their learning and development

They need to keep records that must be shared with both parents and Ofsted, on inspection.

What you'll earn

How much you earn will depend on the number of children you are caring for and the number of days and hours that you work. 

A childminder working full-time may earn an average of £5.50 per hour per child. 

What skills and interests you’ll need

  • a love of children and a commitment to providing long-term care and education
  • an open mind about different ways of bringing up children
  • a caring nature, patience, a sense of humour and flexibility
  • an awareness of health, safety and hygiene
  • knowledge of child protection issues and demonstrate an understanding of the EYFS and observations of children's learning and development
  • the ability to keep written records and accounts
  • regular access to a computer

Things you should consider before applying for the Childminder Training Course:

  • have you got the understanding and support of your family? (this is essential)
  • modifications to your home may be necessary in order to make it safe
  • is this the right time in your life to register as a Childminder, taking into account your own children's ages and needs?
  • you will be self-employed
  • you may need to work long hours in order to cater for the needs of working parents
  • are you fit and healthy?

Caring for children you’re related to 

If you want to care only for a child you are related to (this includes full blood, half blood or by marriage or civil partnership or step-relation), you can’t apply to register with Ofsted.

You can only get paid for looking after related children if you are also looking after non-related children at the same time.