We have a variety of KS2 sessions to offer covering different topics.  You can download a detailed lesson plan for each. This includes curriculum links, learning objectives, and outcomes.

The sessions can be tailored to meet your requirements and specific learning objectives. 

Key Stage 2 Sessions

Earth Care KS2

Learn how to care for the environment through recycling games, adventures and papermaking.

Geography Skills

Learn the 8 points of a compass, use 4 and 6 figure grid references to find locations on a map. Make a variety of different maps based on observations and recordings of the features in the Ecology Centre.

Habitat Explorer (Lower KS2 or Upper KS2)

Discover where creatures live on land by investigating and comparing our:

  • meadow and woodland habitats and
  • their microhabitats 

Pupils can make predictions, identify and record what you find. You may look at adaptations, life cycles, or food chains depending on the year group.

Pond Explorer (Lower KS2 or Upper KS2)

Spend half a day investigating our pond habitat. Identify and record the creatures you find. Discover more about the pond creatures and their way of life by studying them under the video microscope back at the classroom. Links to adaptations, life cycles or food chains depending on year group.

Sensational Seeds & Fabulous Flowers

Take your class on a voyage of discovery through our nature reserve. Hands on learning to find out about seed dispersal, germination and the life cycle and reproduction of flowering plants. Become plant hunters!

Key Stage 3 Sessions

Many of our Key Stage 2 sessions can be adapted to suit your class. 

You can send us an email for further information and resources. 

Country Pond, City Pond 

Investigate biotic and abiotic factors affecting two very different pond habitats.

Use investigative fieldwork skills to test water quality using a biotic index to compare the two ponds.

This session can be adapted to meet your curriculum requirements.

GCSE & A-level Sessions

If you give us plenty of notice, we can tailor-make you a session to meet your exam board requirements. Examples of sessions we have run in the past include:

  • A-level grassland field studies
  • GCSE Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles
  • GCSE quadrats session