Toolkits for businesses

In order for your business to be attractive to an investor, it is important to have a strong pitch desk that you can present.

Top tips

  • your deck should be no longer than 15 - 20 slides

  • it will need to include the background to the company, the product, tech and team

  • it will need to be an interesting and engaging pitch with some graphics

    • keep fonts the same to look more cohesive

  • should include a compelling story and include why investors should invest in you and your company

  • include any market research you have had and any sales/customers 

  • include partners and committees

  • should include the financial, market size, and where you sit within that space

  • basic financials - more details can be added to the appendices

  • include Copyright information on the button of each slide

    • (“Confidential and Proprietary. Copyright (c) by [Name of Company]. All Rights Reserved.”)

  • the deck should be presented in a PDF format and sent to the investors in advance



  1. Company Overview

  2. The vision of the Company

  3. Team

  4. The Problem (what have you identified as the problem)

  5. The Solution (how does your product/service solve the problem)

  6. Market Opportunity (how large is the market you have identified)

  7. Product / Service

  8. Customers - who are they (add in the market research - outcomes)

  9. The Technology 

  10. Competition (always have an answer - what makes you unique)

  11. Traction (how can this business be scaled)

  12. Business Model (income streams)

  13. Marketing Plan

  14. Financials

  15. What are you asking for?