The Childcare Act 2006, places a duty on the local authority to ensure there is sufficient childcare (so far as is practicable)  for working parents. Childcare can provide many benefits for both parents and children, Childcare enables parents the opportunity to return to work or study if they choose to do so and access to high-quality early education can promote a child's development and learning to give them the best start in life. 

In order to meet this duty the local authority must undertake an assessment of the local childcare available at least every three years.  The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2018 includes the analysis of: 

  • the demand for childcare
  • the supply and availability of childcare 
  • the quality and capacity of childcare providers,
  • any gaps in the childcare market.

In addition to the analysis of the current childcare market, the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment includes the local authorities plans to enhance the childcare provision available to parents and ensure there is sufficient childcare available in 2019 and beyond.

For more information please read the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment.