Committee meetings, dates, minutes and recordings

Meetings calendar

Get dates and times for all Council meetings coming up. 

All committee meetings

Watch or listen to committee meetings online

We stream some committee meetings online. You can check the meetings calendar to see when meetings are taking place and if you can watch them online.

Listen to past meeting recordings on the Sutton Committee Audio SoundCloud archive page

Accessible documents 

We provide all Committee services documents in accessible formats. You can request accessible documents by email or call us on 020 8770 4990.

Earlier recordings of committee meetings

You can request a recording of an earlier meeting or call 020 8770 4990.

Recording, filming and photography at meetings

During a Council meeting, we allow:

  • recording 
  • photography
  • filming  
  • use of social media

Any member of the public, media or Councillor is able to do this, as long as it doesn’t disrupt the meeting. 

You should contact Committee Services by email in advance if you’d like to record a meeting.