When using your blue badge, you should make sure:

Parking with a blue badge in Sutton

Yellow lines

You can park on a single or double yellow line for up to 3 hours, except:

  • where there is a ban on loading or unloading
  • in parts of central London where local schemes apply

Car parks

You can park for free in the dedicated disabled bays and any other bay in Council operated surface car parks controlled by pay and display machines, except for:

  • motorcycle bays
  • car club bays
  • electric vehicle charging bays - unless you are charging

Disabled parking bays

You can park for free in disabled parking bays. You'll need to obey any signs that show a limited time allowed in the bay


You can park in:

  • pay and display bays and shared use bays for free
  • free limited waiting bays for longer than the permitted time

You can not park in permit holder only, loading, motorcycle, car club or any other type of bay or Permit Parking Area.

Find parking

Use the PIE online map to find parking in Sutton and across the UK.

Using the blue badge abroad

Find out about using your blue badge abroad with the FIA Guide for the disabled traveller.