How to apply for a dropped kerb

If you want to install a dropped kerb, you’ll need to apply for the dropped kerb first.

Find out what you need to include with your application by downloading our vehicle crossover policy, checklist and application form, or visiting the national planning portal.

After you’ve applied for a dropped kerb, you'll also need to apply for planning permission if you want to construct the dropped kerb within:

  • a conservation area
  • a private road
  • a classified road
  • a Transport for London red route

Or if your property:

  • has a hard standing without sustainable drainage
  • is a multi-dwelling property
  • is a listed building

Find out if you need planning permission

What to include in your planning application

You will need to include drawings that show:

  • your proposals meet highway safety requirements
  • the parking space meets the minimum size specifications
  • the appropriate pedestrian visibility is maintained
  • In some cases, your drawings must show that vehicles can enter and leave the site in forward gear with enough visibility

How to submit your planning permission application

You’ll need to complete the ‘householder’ form on the planning portal.

Find out how much it will cost on the planning portal.

Consider using the planning pre-application advice service, where you can talk to a planner and get advice about your project.

After you’ve applied

Once you’ve submitted a planning application, you’ll need to wait for us to make a decision.. It usually takes:

  • 8 weeks for household applications and small commercial applications
  • 13 weeks for very large-scale developments

Learn what happens after you’ve submitted your application.

Constructing your dropped kerb

Work to construct your dropped kerb is different depending on where you live.

If you live in a conservation area or on a classified road, you’ll need to:

  1. apply for a dropped kerb with our Highways team
  2. apply for planning permission

Once you have approval from both teams, our Highways team will handle the construction of the dropped kerb.

If you live on a private road

You don’t need to apply for a dropped kerb, you’ll only need planning permission. If you live on a private road, you must agree on and appoint a contractor. All construction costs will need to be covered by you.

If you live on a TfL red route

You don’t need to apply for a dropped kerb, but you’ll need planning permission.

Once you have planning permission, you’ll need to speak to TfL to arrange construction.