How to get support if you’re having difficulty walking, getting around or falling.

Ways to improve your mobility

If you're having difficulty getting around, there is support available from the NHS to help you to improve your mobility. 

Preventing falls at home

If you’ve had falls, trips and slips in or around the home, you can ask your GP to refer you to the Sutton falls prevention service.

You can get advice on how to prevent falls at home on the NHS website.


Physiotherapists help people with injuries, illness or disability. They specialise in working with people who are experiencing difficulties walking. You can get information about how to access physiotherapy on the NHS Choices website.

If you want to pay for your own care, you can find physiotherapists in your area:

How to get mobility aids

Walking sticks and frames

Specialist equipment such as walking sticks and walking frames, can help you to walk safely, steadily and independently.

You can ask your local pharmacy or your GP, if you need some help choosing equipment.

If your needs are more complex, you can contact our Occupational Therapy team. They can complete an assessment to find out what equipment you need and how to get it. 

Wheelchairs and Shopmobility



Your GP may be able to make a referral to the NHS wheelchair service.

You can sometimes borrow a wheelchair for a short time, such as after an operation, or for short trips. Contact the British Red Cross for more information by phoning 0344 871 1111.

If you want to buy a wheelchair, you can find out about costs at your local mobility shop. 

Electric wheelchairs

The Motability scheme can help if you want to hire or buy an electric wheelchair. It allows some people to use their benefits to pay for a wheelchair or mobility scooter. 


Shopmobility services allow you to borrow a wheelchair or scooter while you’re shopping.


Find your nearest Shopmobility.

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If you need support with improving your mobility or accessing suitable equipment, contact our Occupational Therapy team.


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