How to use the Planning, Enforcement and Building control application portal

This page is a guide on how to create a notification area on the Planning register. If you already know how to use the planning register please use the link below for access:

Access the planning register

Option 1 - Text based filter search

  • Go to the planning register
  • Go to Search > Planning > Advanced
  • On the next screen select the Ward as required from the dropdown menu
  • Then scroll to the bottom and enter a Date Validated (recommended to choose a at the start of the month to catch up on any applications already valid), leave the To field blank
  • Then press Search
  • When the results are shown you will see an option to 'Save Search', press this and you will then be able to save your search (it may ask you to login if you're not already) 
  • Name your search and then make sure to tick 'yes' to receive emails notifications
  • Then press 'save'
  • You can repeat this process and save up to 20 different searches using any of the filter options under advanced search if you wish.

Option 2 - Map search

If you have not registered on the planning register already, you will need to register before you complete the process below

1. Under the heading Planning- simple search, select the property tab.

The planning tab is the first tab

2. Enter an address you want to be at the centre of your search area.

search under the address tab

3. Once found select the Map tab.

The address should show with other details, which include the ward and parish also.

4. Select the ‘Filter’ icon (funnel shaped picture)  in the top left-hand corner to change what you see on the map. Open the Planning options and select ‘Application’. Then open the Property options and unselect ‘Property’. Then close the ‘Filter’.

A map of the area will be shown with filter options.

5. You can use the plus icon (+) to zoom in and minus icon (-) to zoom out and select the ‘Save Search’ icon (magnifying glass icon in the middle).

The map  will show areas where planning is proposed.

  • You can now save a rectangular search which is the current map view of the area on screen. (You can use the plus icon (+) to zoom in and minus icon (-) to zoom out to change how big the rectangle search is)
  • Please note that the circular search can be used to show you a list of recent applications in a chosen area but it won’t send updates via email notifications

Public access map search area

6. Choose yes to be notified by email about new search results and press save to complete the process

'my profile' shows your saved searches

You can save up to 20 different search areas.