CCTV and Sutton town safety

Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

There are currently 85 permanently sited CCTV cameras within the borough of Sutton. They are monitored from the control room at Sutton Police Station, by the joint CCTV and Police Integrated Borough Operations

You can get information on CCTV from the Safer Sutton Partnership Service's CCTV officer, by emailing

Staying safe in Sutton town centre

Sutton Council and Sutton Police, local businesses and retailers work together to make sure that Sutton Town Centre is a place that everyone can enjoy safely, day and night.

The many safety features include:

  • fixed and remote CCTV cameras around the borough, monitored by the police
  • radio links between licensed premises and shops to:
    • our Town Centre Police teams
    • the Control room at Sutton Police Station and
    • the CCTV system
  • door staff advised by Police about practices and tactics to keep their premises safe. Initiatives include:
    • 'No ID, No Entry' on Friday and Saturday nights; and
    • ClubScan which electronically checks the ID of customers on entry

We work closely with Sutton Street Pastors, who are a group of volunteers from churches. They give support to people who need help in Sutton Town Centre during the evening. This includes helping door staff with customers who may have become vulnerable during the evening.