Find out about our development plans which set out planning policies for the local area. These plans also look at future development opportunities across Sutton.

For more information about local development check the Sutton Local Plan. You can also read the Authority Monitoring Report.

London Cancer Hub

To guide the development of the London Cancer Hub at Belmont, in the south of the borough, the council and its commissioned consultants have produced a number of reports to examine the design and deliverability of the project.

Sutton Town Centre

To guide development in Sutton Town Centre and to raise the design standard, the council has produced the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan and associated documents.


Sutton housing studies include the:

  • five-year housing land supply assessment
  • strategic housing market assessment
  • strategic housing and economic land availability assessment
  • brownfield land register (published annually and provided under Open Government Licence)


We use studies, such as the employment land review to inform our planning policies.

Built Environment and Heritage

We use various studies to inform the preservation of Sutton’s distinctive suburban character. This includes:

  • conservation area character appraisals
  • management plans
  • characterisation study
  • heritage study
  • taller buildings study

Find more information from Historic England on Sutton’s listed buildings.

Nature Conservation

The studies we use to inform our nature conservation, include:

Flood Risk and Drainage

All local planning authorities are required to prepare a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA). This helps to assess flood risks from all sources and as the basis for applying the ‘sequential’ and exceptions’ tests to potential development sites.

In September 2014, the Council jointly procured consultants to prepare an SFRA for each of the partner Boroughs located within the River Wandle catchment (Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Wandsworth). Sutton’s updated Level 1 SFRA was published in December 2015 and the Level 2 SFRA was published as part of the Local Plan evidence base in March 2017. Find out about our Strategic flood risk assessment.

The studies we use to inform our flood risk and drainage, include:

Climate Change and Sustainability

We use various studies to inform the effects of climate change. This includes the:

  • Borough Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
  • Beddington Environmental Strategy
  • Borough Heat Mapping Study


The council supports and encourages the use of sustainable forms of transport in order to reduce the impact on the environment. It also has immediate economic benefits through reducing costs to businesses in terms of time and money.

The studies we use to inform our transport developments, include the:


The South London Waste Plan sets out the issues and objectives to be met in waste management for the next 10 years. It is a joint DPD and covers the geographical area comprising the:

  • London Borough of Croydon
  • Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
  • London Borough of Merton
  • London Borough of Sutton

It contains policies to guide the determination of planning applications for waste facilities and identifies existing waste sites to be safeguarded and areas where waste facility development may be suitable.

South London Waste Plan Annual Monitoring Report

The purpose of the South London Waste Plan Annual Monitoring Report is to assess the implementation of the South London Waste Plan Development Plan Document and to monitor the effectiveness of the policies in the South London Waste Plan.

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