If you don’t pay Council Tax payments, or if you pay late, we’ll send you a reminder. This will show the amount of arrears to be paid immediately.

If you don't pay 

If you haven't paid within 7 days of the reminder, we may apply to the court for a summons for the full outstanding amount. 

You may also lose the right to pay in monthly instalments in the future. 

If you make the outstanding payment

If you pay the outstanding amount and keep up to date with payments, we won’t take any more action. 

You must make sure that all future payments are made by the first day of each month.

Disputing the outstanding amount 

If you have made a payment within the last few days or disagree with the amount outstanding, you can email us and title your email “reminder enquiry".

What happens next 

If you don't respond to reminders to pay your Council Tax, you will get a court summons.