My next steps as Leader of the Council

24 May 2024

It is a great honour to have been chosen by my councillor colleagues this week to serve as the next Leader of Sutton Council. Now I want to introduce myself to our borough’s residents and outline the direction the Council will take under my leadership.

A lifelong resident and with four generations of my family living across Sutton, my connections to this borough run deep.  I made my home here  long before I was a politician and I became a politician because I care about Sutton and want what is best  for all who live and work in our town.  

Sutton is a great place to live and we have an exciting tomorrow ahead of us.  The London Cancer Hub and High Street development  will shape Sutton for many years.  From Wallington to Worcester Park,  from Carshalton to Cheam and from Beddington to Belmont  this is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family and it is the place that I am proud to call home.

While the Council has ambitious plans for the future, I know it's crucial to continue focusing on the day-to-day things which are essential to most of our residents: ensuring that our bins are collected, our streets are clean, our parks are vibrant and welcoming, and that we provide support to residents who are struggling or in need. 

One of the most pressing issues we all face is the climate emergency. We must improve our buildings and public transport to reduce emissions. We must also ensure the Council gets funding and support from the London Mayor and central government to reach our goal of reducing how much harmful carbon the borough produces. 

The cost of living crisis continues to affect many of our residents and local government funding remains a significant challenge. Many of the services provided by the Council support those on the lowest incomes and the most vulnerable members of our community. We will continue to make tough decisions to balance our budget while demanding a fairer financial settlement for local government. It's vital that the inequities faced by Outer London boroughs like Sutton are addressed urgently.

There is much that is  important to our residents and that means it is important to me;  youth provision, our local hospital and health services, helping people to feel safe in their homes and public spaces and the growing housing crisis that is making it harder for many people to find somewhere to live. 

We are a London borough and our communities reflect the diversity of our great city.  We will continue to  preserve what makes Sutton special, ensuring it remains a green, friendly and community-focused borough.

I look forward to meeting and working with residents, organisations and groups from across Sutton in the coming months to make this all happen. Let’s work together to make Sutton an even better place for all its residents, businesses and visitors.

Leader of the Council,
Councillor Barry Lewis