Paying for care with friends or family

If your choice of care home costs more than the Council will pay, someone else can make up the difference between that figure and the care home’s fee. 

Choosing your own care home

If your care plan recommends residential care, we will usually choose the care home for you.

If you would prefer a different or more expensive home, someone else can make up the difference between the care home fees and the maximum fees that the Council would pay. We call this a third party top-up. 

Who can pay the top-up

The third party might be a family member who agrees to pay the top-up fee. They might pay with disposable income or capital. 

We will ask them to complete a financial assessment to show that they can afford the fees and sign a legally binding agreement.

Contact us

If you want to find out about top-up fees, you can contact our financial assessment team.


020 8770 5280