Every birth in England needs to be registered within 42 days of the baby being born. You’ll need to book an appointment to register a birth in Sutton. 

Make an appointment to register a birth

If you are unable to book online please complete our enquiry form.

Who can register a birth

The parents of the baby can register the birth. Find out more about who can register a birth on GOV.UK.

Email us before you book an appointment if:

  • neither parent can attend an appointment
  • there is a parenthood agreement document in place

We can only register babies born in Sutton. If your baby was born somewhere else, contact us. We can take a declaration and forward it to the right registration office.

What you need to bring

You need to bring official paperwork with the baby’s NHS number to your appointment. 

This could be the notification of birth, or red book and discharge papers.

It’s also useful to bring:

  • the parents' passports
  • the parents' marriage or civil partnership certificate (if you have one)

What the registrar will ask

Information about the baby

  • when and where the baby was born
  • the baby's first names, surname, and gender

Information about the baby's parents

  • the parents' first names, surnames, and places of birth
  • the parents' usual address
  • the parents’ occupations
  • the mother's maiden surname, and any previous married surname

The registrar will record your answers and ask you to check them before you sign the register.