Misfiring burglar alarms can be very intrusive. If you have one, you should supply your key holder details to us (Google Form).

If an intruder alarm goes off

If you can contact the owner or their key holders, you should attempt to do this first.

If the alarm does not cut out automatically after 20 minutes, and you' re unable to contact key holders, contact us on 020 8770 5000.

If you suspect that the alarm has gone off due to criminal activity then you must contact the Police immediately

If you have an alarm on your home or business

If an intruder alarm on your home or business goes off unnecessarily, the noise can cause disturbance to neighbours.

If you are an owner or occupier of premises with intruder alarms, you should read the code of practice. Guidance for reducing the incidence of nuisance caused by the ringing of alarms includes:

  • ensure that your alarm has a 20 minute cut out device
  • register key holders who can be contacted to silence the alarm if it misfires

Registering key holders

You are not obliged to register key holder details with us. It can be helpful for you to share contact information with us, incase your alarm misfires.

You can tell us who your key holder is by complete and submit the form online (Google Form).

If we can't contact the key holder

We are legally empowered under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to disconnect the alarm.

We may need to force entry to the property to switch the alarm off. The cost of calling out a locksmith and any other charges incurred, would be the owner of the property's responsibility.