Let us know if you see broken, faulty or missing street furniture.

You can report problems with:

  • guard rails
  • bollards
  • benches
  • signs (such as street name signs or parking restriction signs)

You can report an issue with street furniture by using the map below. For broken street lighting (including broken lights at zebra crossings), report a problem with street lighting. 

  1. Use the search bar on the map to search for a location, address or street.
  2. Click on the map to place a pin.
  3. Proceed to fill in the short form.

You can make a report using our form if you cannot use the map.

Report faulty street furniture

Red routes

Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for red routes and traffic lights in Sutton. You’ll need to contact TfL about issues with red routes.

Red routes have single red or double red lines. They're normally A roads such as the A217 or A24.