All school-age children attending state-maintained schools and academies in Sutton, have access to a School Nurse. 

The School Nursing team consists of:

  • Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (SCPHN)
  • School Staff Nurses
  • Community Nursery Nurses

They continue the work of the Health Visitor to promote good health and prevent illness in the school-aged population. This is in line with the Department of Health ‘Healthy Child Programme’ 

Contact the school nursing team

You can contact the school nursing team by email or by calling 020 8770 5409, or ask at your school’s office.

Young Person confidential 

To speak to the school nurse in confidence, you can call 020 8770 4409 between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, or send a confidential email.

Young people can access the drop-in at high school without an appointment. 

Find out more about Sutton school nurses.

The national child measurement programme 

The School Nursing team run the national child measurement programme. They weigh and measure children at their school, with parental consent.

This is for children who are:

  • between 4 and 5 years old (reception class)
  • between 10 and 11 years old (year 6)

You can get free support to improve your family's health and weight:


You can check when your child needs vaccinations with NHS choices vaccination schedule.

The Immunisation Team delivers all school-aged immunisation across south London. 

Advice and support

You can get advice from the NHS on children's health including:

  • growth (underweight and overweight)
  • healthy activities
  • headaches
  • teenage years
  • exams 
  • learning disabilities
  • sleep