The Early Help team includes dedicated specialist support workers. They are trained in restorative practice and family engagement. Working with an SSW is voluntary and you can decide to stop at any point.

SSW’s can meet with you regularly to:

  • work flexibly with members of your family, close relatives and any professionals 
  • refer you on to other services that can offer targeted support
  • help your family to work together to repair relationships and resolve difficulties 

An SSW is required to complete an assessment (EHAT). This is to make sure that they fully understand the family situation. This will inform a plan to make sure things get better for you.


Restorative Mediation aims to support families to resolve their own issues through open and honest discussions. The SSW can act as a neutral facilitator to help restore relationships between family members and provide impartiality in times of conflict.

This is a voluntary process that both parties have to be willing to participate in.

The SSW’s role is non-judgemental and aims to ensure every member of the family can speak up and contribute ideas equally to help resolve a difficult situation

The process could involve one simple conversation or a series of meetings, depending upon the situation. The SSW can offer parenting strategies and resources to help build confidence and self-esteem within the family.

Parenting support

A Family Coach can offer you support around parenting, routines and behaviour management strategies. 

They can offer personalised resources to meet the needs of different families and model effective parenting strategies, including those for children and young people with additional needs. 

Whole family and individual support

The SSW can work with families to offer support to either the child, young person or parent or carer on an individual basis. This may include working alongside schools and community workers where issues extend further than the family home. 

An SSW can also organise a TAF meeting to coordinate support from other services and agencies.