Sutton’s Market Sustainability Plan

Under The Care Act 2014, local authorities have a duty to promote the efficient and effective operation of a market in services for meeting care and support needs, with a view to ensuring services are diverse, sustainable and high quality for the local population, including those who pay for their own care. 

The London Borough of Sutton (LBS) must assess and demonstrate how it will ensure their care markets, in relation to 65+ care home services and for 18+ domiciliary care services, are sustainable, as they move towards implementing reform.

Market Sustainability Plan Purpose

The Market Sustainability Plan will assess the impact current fee rates are having on the market and the potential future risks (particularly in the context of adult social care reform). This assessment will enable LBS to inform the development of mitigating actions, including how much they may need to increase fee rates over the three-year Spending Review period.

Our Market Sustainability Plan should also complement other strategic documents, such as our Market Position Statement and demonstrate how we have worked with providers to develop the plan.

LBS is working closely with providers so that it can prepare the market for reform, and develop a shared understanding of evidence around the local costs of care to better understand where fee rates may need to increase.

Please view the Market Sustainability Plan

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