Report a tree or branch that is causing immediate danger to the public or a property.

Report an emergency

You can report an emergency if a tree or branch:

  • has fallen and is obstructing a public footpath or road
  • is causing immediate risk to a person or property

Call 0208 770 5000 to report an emergency. You will need to provide the exact location of the problem.

Work we do

We inspect the health and condition of council owned trees in streets and parks every 2 years. Check our tree pruning and inspection schedule.

Tree pruning

Trees are assessed for routine pruning every 4 years as part of the cyclical inspection and work programme. This includes:

  • removing dead, dying or dangerous trees or branches
  • pruning low branches to create clear walkways for pedestrians
  • cutting branches that are touching or very close to properties
  • pruning branches that are blocking road signs, street lights or CCTV
  • reducing very large trees on shrinkable clay soils

Work we cannot do

We are not responsible for trees in private gardens, including council housing.

If you live in council housing, contact Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) for problems with a tree.

We do not deal with:

  • overhanging tree branches
  • branches touching telephone lines
  • problems with TV reception or solar panels
  • trees blocking light
  • honeydew or debris falling onto cars or a property
  • bird droppings
  • pollen and allergens
  • clearing fallen fruit or blossom from the ground
  • moving animals or insects

Tree roots damaging public highways or footpaths

Report tree roots to the highways team as a defect.

Leaf clearing

Report fallen leaves to the street cleaning team.

Tree damaging a private property

If a tree is damaging private property you will need to contact the council insurance service. We cannot help with this problem until you log a claim.

Use the map to report a problem with a tree

Before reporting a problem, check if it is already covered as part of our existing pruning programme.

Tell us the location by searching an address using the map search bar. You can also find an area using the zoom in and out map functions.