Before the election, everyone who has registered to vote will receive a poll card in the post. This tells you when, where and how to vote.

It also gives you enough time to change your details or apply for a postal or proxy vote.

You can only vote at the polling station given on your poll card.

The polling stations are normally open between 7am and 10pm on an election day.

On an election day

You don't need to take your poll card with you to vote.

On the day of the election, you go along to the polling station shown on the card. You will need to give your address and name, and show an approved form of photo ID.  You will be given a ballot paper.

You mark your vote in secret on the ballot paper in a cubicle and place it in the sealed ballot box. The ballot boxes are only opened after the polling stations have closed and they are taken to a central counting place. No one knows how you voted.

View a list of Wards, Polling Districts and Polling Stations in Sutton.

There is lots of information in the polling station to help you, and our staff are happy to give you more help.

Accessibility at polling stations

We inspect all polling stations for their accessibility.

We provide temporary ramping where necessary. All polling stations have at least one wheelchair-accessible polling booth available.

Large print versions of the ballot paper are available at all polling stations.

Any voter who has a sight impairment or is unable to read can have a companion to help them vote.

The presiding officer at the polling station can help if you don't have a companion. They will keep your vote a secret.

Contact us if you have any questions about accessibility at polling stations.