Councillors get elected every four years. They stand for an area in Sutton known as a Ward. 

Councillors work together to decide how the Council should carry out activities. They also have regular contact with residents to hear about local views and concerns.

A Councillor's role usually involves:

  • attending Council and committee meetings
  • raising the views, concerns and grievances of their residents - you can find your local councillor and their contact details if you want to speak to them
  • being involved in decision-making for services across Sutton
  • working with other organisations and businesses to resolve issues and improve council services

Membership of outside bodies

As well as sitting on certain committees, some Councillors belong to other groups called outside bodies.

You can view a list of Councillors' membership of outside bodies.

Code of Conduct

Councillors must follow a Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct applies to

  • all elected members of the Council
  • co-opted members of Council committees
  • other non-voting members of Council committees and bodies
  • non-elected representatives of the Council on other organisations