A private water supply is any water supply not provided by a licensed water company, such as:

  • Sutton and East Surrey Water or
  • Thames Water

A private water supply can include water from:

  • wells
  • springs and
  • boreholes

Questions or concerns about a private water supply

If you have questions about a private water supply in the borough, you can complete our online form.

Make an enquiry about a private water supply

You should contact your mains water supplier if you're concerned about the quality of your water.

Private water supply regulations

The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009 came into force in 2010. This legislation is in place to ensure that water from private water supplies is:

  • safe for people to drink and
  • does not contain harmful bacteria or chemicals

The Regulations place duties upon local authorities to:

Undertake a risk assessment

  • to assess the private water supply from the water source to the tap
  • to identify whether there are any risks to the wholesomeness of the water

Take periodic samples

We'll need to take regular water samples to check the levels of:

  • chemical contaminants and
  • harmful bacteria

Tell you about any risks

  • we'll inform you of any potential risk to health from a water supply
  • offer advice to reduce any potential danger
  • investigate any failures causing water to be unwholesome
  • issue legal notices if a private water supply is thought to constitute a potential danger to health, to:
    • improve the water supply or
    • prohibit or restrict the water supply