As a restorative service we value what our practitioners have to say.

For the last 2 years our staff have completed a Workforce Survey to provide us with feedback on their thoughts and feelings about working in Sutton.

Some of the findings from our 2019-2020 Workforce Survey are outlined below:

  • 84.5% agreed or strongly agreed that they liked their job
  • 73.7% felt that their job offered them sufficient personal challenge and opportunities for professional development
  • over 90% considered their team to be friendly, supportive and felt that they belonged to their team
  • 86.4% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they belonged in Sutton Children’s Services 
  • 96.1% felt their personal values matched that of the service
  • 98.1% described Sutton Children’s Services as a good organisation to work for

We asked some of our staff about why they choose to work for Sutton Children’s Services. See our Staff Testimonials page to hear what they had to say!