We are working hard to make Sutton one of the safest and cleanest parts of the Capital. 

An important part of this is ensuring that the borough’s footpaths are clean and free of obstructions as much as possible. This is particularly important for blind and partially sighted people, and those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and pushchairs, who may struggle to negotiate or move objects that are causing an obstruction.

In an effort to increase public safety, we ask that all households put their wheelie bins out for collection at the edge of their property where possible, where they will not cause an obstruction to pedestrians and road users, by 6 am on your collection day, and ensure they are removed from the highway at the end of your collection day.

Enforcement officers will be patrolling the borough and any household found to be leaving their bins on the public highway for extended periods of time before and after their scheduled collection and or using their wheelie bins as a means of reserving parking spaces on the public road causing an obstruction to the public highway may be subject to a £60 fixed penalty notice under The Deregulation Act 2015 Schedule 12 Section 20.