Fly-tipping is an illegal activity. If you see it in action, call the Police on 999 and report it as a crime in progress.

Record as many details as possible:

  • vehicle’s registration number and details
  • description of the people involved
  • the direction they were travelling in
  • the exact location
  • the date and time
  • details of the items dumped

Important: Never put yourself in danger when reporting a fly tip. Only record these details if it is safe to do so.

All fly tipping should be reported online to your local council, regardless of whether you saw it in progress or have just discovered it.

We will investigate straight away. If the fly tip is on public land we will arrange for it to be removed. If it’s on private land, we will try to alert the landowner.


Report fly-tipping using the map

If you see dumped rubbish, you can report it by using the map below. 

You can:

  1. Use the search bar on the map to search for a location, address or street.
  2. Click on the map to place a pin.
  3. Proceed to fill in the short form.

Report fly-tipping using the accessibility form

If you have accessibility requirements or difficulties using the map you can make a report using the form.  Note that the form will be reviewed manually and may take longer to action.

Report fly-tipping using form