Report anti-social behaviour

Council tenants and leaseholders have a right to live in their homes free from anti-social behaviour.

Report anti-social behaviour

If you're a Council tenant or leaseholder suffering any anti-social behaviour, you can contact us by calling 0208 915 2000.

We will take details of your complaint and pass it to the relevant Neighbourhood Manager.

We deal with all calls sensitively and in strict confidence.

We work closely with:

  • Sutton Centre for Equalities
  • voluntary organisations
  • the police

What is anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour covers any kind of:

  • nuisance
  • unreasonable behaviour or
  • harassment 

Section 153 of the Housing Act 1996 describes this as conduct which:

  • is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to another person, and
  • directly or indirectly affects the housing functions of a relevant landlord or
  • involves using or threatening to use, housing accommodation for an unlawful purpose

A further definition of anti-social behaviour is provided by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. It's described as behaviour likely to cause:

  • harassment
  • alarm or
  • distress

Anti-social behaviour can adversely affect the lives of people. It can be one of the following (but not limited to):

  • noise nuisance
  • vandalism or damage to property
  • racial harassment
  • children causing harassment or nuisance to others
  • violence/threats of violence
  • verbal abuse
  • rubbish dumping 

Tenancy agreements

Our tenancy agreement states that "you and anyone living with you or visiting your home must not commit any acts of harassment towards anyone for any reasons, including but not limited to reasons of colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation or religion".

Leaseholders, as a condition of the lease, should "not use the premises or allow it to be used for illegal, immoral, improper, unpleasant, noisy or noxious purpose".

What can happen

You may lose your lease or be face court action if either of these are breached or broken by:

  • the tenant
  • family member, or
  • visitor