Sutton has 4 Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs):

  • Belmont CPZ
  • Sutton Town Centre CPZ
  • Wellington Avenue CPZ
  • Longfellow CPZ

Collingwood Estate CPZ works differently, and you’ll need to apply for a permit separately.

You can use our permit parking zones online map to see where exactly our CPZs are.

To find out whether you live in a CPZ, use our online parking checker.

Tell us if you think a CPZ is needed in your street

You can request new parking restrictions, including new CPZs.

You should give as much detail as possible to justify your request. You may wish to talk to your neighbours and submit a petition.

Your request will be kept on file until we have received a number of requests from the same area.

We may then contact your local councillors and ask them to take the request forward with funding and consultation.