Toolkits for businesses

A website and home page could be the first contact a customer will have with your business. It's important that it makes an impression and stands out.

Here are a few steps to consider:

  1. Obtain a good domain name that is easy to spell, short, and memorable. The URL name can include a location. Avoid hyphens and numbers

  2. Purchase a secure scalable hosting site with good tech support

  3. Your home page should have a clear description of your business. Add navigation tabs to include:

    1. About us

    2. Contact us

    3. News

    4. Products/services

    5. Privacy policy

  4. Use a content management system to create and manage digital content

  5. Choose an eCommerce platform if you are planning to sell goods and services online

  6. Make sure your website is engaging and interesting using fonts, colour, and images. Images should be compressed so they can easily be downloaded by the user

  7. Optimise your website using search engine optimisation good practice

  8. Update content on a regular basis with good news stories, quality content and fresh images. Use a webmaster analytic tool to track searches and performance