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Registering with Google

Google is the world's largest search engine with over 5.6 billion searches a day.

Creating a business account on Google is a fantastic way to increase outreach and footfall and maximise profits. 

Why you should register your business on Google

  • Google makes it easy for customers to gather relevant information about your business, including:
    • operating hours
    • contact information
    • reviews and photos
  • Your business will also show up on GPS. A customer may search ‘Cafes near me’, and if they are in close proximity to your business, Google will provide directions and an overall review out of 5 based on previous customer reviews
  • Google enables you to reach a wider audience, ones that would rely on Google to direct them to the best businesses in the area. It is the perfect platform to make your business and its product stand out

How to register your business on Google Maps

Create a Google Business Profile

  1. Create a Google account or log into an existing account

  2. Sign into Google My Business

  3. Find, confirm, and manage any existing company profile > continue with step 5

  4. Register your company with Google My Business

  5. Add company location

  6. Determine catchment area (e.g. delivery area etc.)

  7. Add contact details (how can customers reach you?)

  8. Select confirmation method (e.g. verification by postcard)

To add Google Maps to your business

  1. Sign into Google Maps

  2. Enter your address in the search bar 

  3. On the left under business profile add your business

  4. Click right anywhere on the map to add your business

  5. In the top left menu, add your business

  6. Follow instructions online to continue to add the profile