If you are a same-sex couple, you can convert your Civil Partnership to Marriage

You can do this at the Registry Office in Sutton. Call us on 020 8770 6790 for more information please complete our enquiry form.

The conversion can take place at any Register Office in England and Wales, it doesn't have to be the same place where the civil partnership was formed.

Opposite-sex civil partnerships can’t be converted to marriage in England and Wales.

What you’ll need to do

The conversion process is administrative. You’ll need to book an appointment to come to the Register Office during office hours to sign a ‘conversion into marriage declaration’. 

You don’t need to have a ceremony, guests or witnesses. 

What you need to bring 

You’ll each need to bring the following original documents:

  • a valid passport or birth certificate
  • proof of any name changes
  • proof of address (for example, a copy of a council tax bill or bank statement)
  • your civil partnership certificate


If you’d like to follow the conversion process with a ceremony, this can take place in one of our ceremony rooms


After the conversion process has been completed, you will receive your certificate. You can purchase as many certificates as you like.

Celebrations at a later date

If you choose to have a separate celebration sometime after the conversion appointment, certificates can be presented or signed at the ceremony. There is an additional fee of £27.00 for this.