Elm Grove Estate Regeneration

The vision for Elm Grove is to create a vibrant, liveable and attractive neighbourhood for existing and future residents. The aim is to focus on creating a sustainable environment within town centre living.

The scheme will deliver:

  • new and improved homes that provide a range of modern high quality housing to respond to residents with different needs
  • character along the back of the high street at Elm Grove to create a unique identity and add to the thriving high street by initiating public realm improvements
  • attractive connections with different scales and character between the High Street and Throwley Way
  • safestreets and public spaces with plenty of lighting and landscaping features that are attractive and can cater to the needs of different age groups

Up to 50% of the homes will be affordable council homes, including much-needed family housing.

The new estate will feature:

  • new play areas
  • routes connecting the estate to the town centre
  • landscaping with feature trees, plants and flowering


Elm Grove concept image