Accommodation Policy for Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS) Organisations

The Council owns a range of buildings, some of which are used for the delivery of Council services. A significant proportion are let to commercial and not-for-profit organisations.
In October 2013, we agreed a new Accommodation Policy for Voluntary and Community Sector organisations (VCS). This policy sets out:

  • how the Council will provide funding support for VCS organisations 
  • the eligibility criteria it will use for determining the organisations to which the policy may be applied

The Accommodation policy

The Council’s approach to community asset transfer is also set out in the policy. 
You can download the full accommodation policy (PDF)

  • a chart showing the overall process for applying for consideration under the new policy is provided in Appendix C (PDF)
  • the accommodation policy is set out in Appendix D (PDF)
  • accommodation funding support is outlined in Appendix E (PDF)
  • VCS organisations that rent, or are considering renting, accommodation from the Council in Appendix G (PDF) 

The Council has a very limited number of properties available for rental at any one time.