You can request that we collect clinical waste from your home.

If the waste is from a nursing Home or commercial premises, you will need to contact your service provider.

Book a clinical waste collection

You can also call us on 0208 770 5000.

Non-infectious incontinence wear and pads

Non-infectious incontinence wear or pads should be:

  • double bagged and
  • placed in your brown wheelie bin

We don't provide a "Clinical Waste" bag collection with effect from 01 October 2021.

Yellow 'sharps' bin collection

you'll need to ensure that the bin lid is 'clicked' shut and that the container is:

  • placed outside your property
  • in view of the road
  • left there the night before the collection date

Once the bin lid is locked it cannot be opened and is perfectly safe to leave outside.

Collection times

We don't collect Sharps Bin on Bank Holidays. You can book in advance to avoid any last minute replacement bins. Especially over the Christmas period.