Read our policies on climate change. They cover planning, air quality, parks, open spaces, and waste.

We've created different policies around climate change in Sutton. These policies make sure our Council's decisions benefit the climate and environment.


The Council’s planning policies relating to climate change include requirements for:

  • carbon reduction
  • flood risk measures
  • cycle parking
  • biodiversity improvements

Tree list

Our tree list gives examples of trees and shrubs that are suitable for different environments. This will help developers and householders meet soft landscaping and biodiversity planning requirements.

View the Tree List through the Council's non-adopted planning advice.

Air quality

Our Air Quality Action Plan shares how we will improve air quality in the borough. Read the Air Quality Action Plan in full.

Parks and open spaces

Our vision is that the borough’s parks and open spaces and trees will:

  • be well-maintained
  • support good public health, local culture, social activities and biodiversity
  • have improved access to open spaces, facilities and activities where possible

The Parks and Open Spaces strategy was published as part of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee on Thursday 19 December 2019.


Our vision is to create an environment in which we can:

  • reduce waste
  • maximise recycling
  • reduce the environmental impact of waste
  • maximise the use of local waste sites
  • be innovative
  • lead by example with our own waste

Read our Waste Minimisation Strategy and Reduction and Recycling Plan.