You have two options when you book to form a civil partnership at Sutton Register Office:

  • a statutory appointment
  • to combine the signing with a ceremony 

Book your Civil partnership 

Check that a civil partnership is right for you

You should check the differences between marriage and civil partnership in England and Wales for same-sex and opposite-sex couples, to make sure a civil partnership meets your needs as a couple. 

Before you book your civil partnership

To give notice of your intention to form a civil partnership, you will need to decide:

  • what type of ceremony you’d like 
  • how many people you would like to attend
  • if you’d like a Registrar to conduct a ceremony for you 

You need to know this information before your appointment to give notice, as you can’t amend the notice afterward.

Planning your ceremony

There are two options to choose from at Sutton Register Office.

Statutory appointment

If you are both Sutton residents, you can arrange a statutory appointment that fulfils the legal obligations of forming a civil partnership:

  • only two guests can attend (they will act as your witnesses)
  • no provision for music or any other extras 
  • the schedule will be signed in front of your two witnesses 
  • appointments usually take place on a weekday morning

Full ceremony

You can choose to book a full ceremony to follow the signing of the schedule at the statutory appointment. 

Other guests can be invited and you can include music and readings. 

You can choose between our venues:

Read more about our ceremony rooms.