Local Funding

Grants for community projects or events

If you're interested in organising a local project, activity or event to benefit your local area, you may be able to access grant funding from Sutton Council.

It can be used to deliver a project, activity or event, or to cover any fees and charges associated with it. For example, road closures, insurance, waste services or event licences. 

Who can apply

  • Voluntary organisations
  • local charities
  • community groups 

For more information, view the local funding guidance: Community events, activities and projects.

When to apply

The applications are open in the Spring and Autumn, during two time windows. 

The Spring window is open from 2nd April - 10th May 2024.

Outside of this time period, the form is closed to responses.

Apply for a grant

We can't provide funding later than this or after your event has taken place.

An application does not guarantee funding as there is limited funding each year. Applications are then voted on by local councillors.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, or would like assistance with completing the application form, please email neighbourhoodgrants@sutton.gov.uk.

If you are specifically interested in applying for funding to get a community defibrillator, then please also email neighbourhoodgrants@sutton.gov.uk, before making your application, as we have specific guidance on this to share with you. 

Funding to improve public spaces

The Public Realm programme provides funding for small-scale projects which improve public spaces in Sutton. Please see the Local Funding Guidance notes: Physical improvements or ‘Public Realm’ Funding for more information on what can be funded. It is different from the Neighbourhood Fund:

  1. Public Realm grants are typically for smaller projects which improve the Public Realm in Sutton (e.g. seating, trees and signs)
  2. The Neighbourhood Fund is for larger projects which help to address the extra demands that development (e.g. more housing) can place on local areas.

Application windows are the same as with the community projects or events funding, and applications are made through the same application form, which is open to responses during the application windows.

Get in touch

If you have any questions which are not answered in the guidance, or queries about a potential project idea, please contact publicrealm@sutton.gov.uk.