We need to check the details of absent voters (postal, proxy or postal proxy) every five years.

This is so we can confirm we have the correct date of birth and a current copy of your signature.

If your application is due for renewal, Electoral Services will send you a form in the post.

You will need to complete and return the form if you want to keep your absent vote.

If you have been sent a renewal form and you don’t return it by the deadline, your postal vote will be cancelled. You'll have to make a new application to vote by post. 

The deadline to apply for a postal vote for an election is by 5pm on the 11th working day before an election.

Completing the renewal form

If any of your information has changed, update it on the form. 

The form includes a reply envelope that you can use to post your form back to us.

You can also scan and email the renewal form to electoralservices@sutton.gov.uk. The form has to be scanned - we can't accept a photo of the form or an electronic signature.

If you can’t provide a signature, or can't sign your name in a consistent way, you can still vote by post. Contact the Electoral Services office by emailing us or by calling 020 8770 4179 for more information.