We aim to keep a fair and safe trading environment for businesses and consumers in our borough. We do this by:

  • advising local businesses on the measures they need to take to follow Trading Standards' laws
  • auditing trader premises to make sure they follow Trading Standards law
  • carrying out projects and surveys in areas where a Trading Standards problem has been identified or is suspected
  • sampling and testing products to ensure that they meet safety standards
  • checking the accuracy of equipment used for trade, such as:
    • scales
    • petrol pumps
    • pub optics
    • weighbridges
    • packing machines
  • raising awareness of Trading Standards law by:
    • highlighting problems
    • offering practical advice through the media and partner agencies
  • investigating complaints (although we cannot investigate all complaints)

The main areas of law that we enforce cover:

  • fair trading
  • product safety
  • weights and measures

Find out how to make a complaint to Trading Standards. .