Council Tax Livestream 2024

The Leader of the Council recently announced a huge financial challenge for the Council’s budgetYou can view and review our full Budget papers.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Ruth Dombey, hosted a livestream on Tuesday 27 February 2024 to answer questions from residents about the council's proposals to increase council tax this year. 

Watch the recording of the livestream meeting.

How can you afford to spend money regenerating Sutton High Street?



What are you doing about the lack of activities for children and young people in the borough?



What are you doing to tackle Violence in Young People in Sutton?

Why are you continuing to build tower blocks in Sutton?

What is the council’s position on increasing Single Occupancy Discount?

What are the council doing to prevent crimes happening in Sutton?

Why can’t you use the Council’s Money Reserves instead of rising Council Tax?

How will you ensure young people can access adequate services?

How much does the Mayor of London's spending constrain the council’s ability to provide essential services?

Is there any provision in the budget to support young people, and mental health?

What are you doing about keeping Sutton’s streets clean?

It’s good to see Sutton has not gone bankrupt, can you share the total budgets with us?

What are you doing about all the potholes in the borough?

Why have you introduced 20mph Speed Limits across the whole borough?

Why don’t you provide people more technology support?

Why are you putting up parking charges?