Beech Tree Place Regeneration

Beech Tree Place was built in the mid-1950s and is housing designated for older people over the age of 55.

The estate became an allocated site in:

The site is also included in:

The future of Beech Tree Place

The Council is considering the future of Beech Tree Place. This is because it's continued maintenance can deliver fit for purpose homes. We, as a landlord needs to consider the future viability of the homes. This takes into account factors including:

  • financial viability
  • building safety
  • carbon reduction
  • accessibility and
  • the needs of an older client group

In November 2018, Full Council resolved that officers consult residents on the proposed closure of Beech Tree Place. This was on the basis that if regeneration were to take place, then existing tenants who wish to remain are guaranteed suitable accommodation in the redevelopment.


We have been talking to residents about the options for Beech Tree Place for some years.

Download the Review of Beech Tree Place Older Persons Housing Scheme report (PDF)

This report was approved by the Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee on 30 March 2020. 

Since then, we've been working collaboratively with residents to:

  • agree a Residents’ Charter and Community Charter, and
  • to consider the options for Beech Tree Place

The Council has formally consulted its residents (PDF) on the options and fully considered implications. We have recommended the full redevelopment of the estate.

This was approved by the Housing, Economy and Business Committee on 13 October 2020. On 15 June 2021, the Committee resolved that the redevelopment of the estate be delivered directly by the Council and in accordance with its business case. The Committee based their decision on the Future of Beech Tree Place report (PDF).

Planning application

A planning application was submitted in November 2021. On 2nd March 2022 the Council’s Planning Committee resolved to grant planning consent for the regeneration proposals

Regeneration and Social Value

Regeneration presents an important opportunity to work with the community to:

  • improve the quality of their homes and
  • increase the supply of new homes
  • increase the supply of more affordable homes

We also recognise that regeneration can be more than just housing and want to offer wider social benefits where possible. Through Social Value, we want to:

  • improve health and wellbeing and
  • unlock opportunities that have a positive impact on the life circumstances of local people

Read guidance on the Social Value Act on GOV.UK.

By working collaboratively, we want to:

  • understand what matters to residents and the wider community, and
  • identify the social issues that could be addressed as part of plans to improve the area

We will work with residents, local Councillors and stakeholders to establish local priorities and ensure the community is at the heart of future decisions.