Beech Tree Place Regeneration

The Residents' Charter is the Council's offer and commitments to residents' of Beech Tree Place.  The Charter comprises Estate Regeneration Rehousing and Compensation Scheme. It was was approved by the Council’s Housing Economy and Business Committee in October 2018.

In March 2020, there were extra Council Commitments agreed with residents during a series of:

  • co-design workshops and
  • individual conversations

The Estate Regeneration Rehousing and Compensation Scheme 

This includes a set of commitments and offers to ensure residents are treated fairly if regeneration were to take place on their estate. A summary of the commitments include:

  • secure tenants and resident homeowners will be guaranteed a right to return to a new home on their estate if a decision is taken to regenerate the site 
  • where possible residents will move only once, from their existing home into a new home
  • tenancy conditions and rights will not change for existing secure tenants
  • a range of ‘home swap’ options made available for resident homeowners
  • new homes will be better designed, safer and more sustainable with an improved local environment
  • ‘Home loss’ compensation and disturbance payments (e.g. removal costs, fees) will be made
  • additional help and support will be available

The Additional Council Commitments include:

1. There will be new designated older person accommodation for current secure tenants. Plus additional new affordable homes to rent or part buy and part rent, and new private homes for rent or sale. No commercial facilities are proposed.

2. New rents will be guaranteed at the same level as current rent (excluding service charges). Unless downsizing from a current 2 bedroom property to a new 1 bedroom property where rent would be less. Rents will still be subject to your annual rent increase.

3. A new home will be offered that meets housing need. This will be larger than the current home in terms of the overall floor space. Not necessarily the bedroom size. There will be no new bedsits for older people.

4. We will talk to individuals about the specific design and layout of a new home. We will match what residents want as far as possible. Where this is not possible we will explain why, and look at alternative options.

5. New homes will be of a better standard than current homes, with improved accessibility, warmer and cheaper to heat.

6. We will meet personal preferences as far as possible in relation to the location of your new home. This may mean having to move twice and live next to residents in general needs accommodation and from different tenures.

7. Where possible, we will try to move residents next to current neighbours, if this is preferred.

8. When moving into a new home, access will be available to current homes for a period of two week. The lowest rent of the two properties for this two week period will be charged. This offer will also apply if an individual has to move twice.

9. The Council’s current scheme means any downsizing tenants will receive an incentive payment. This is currently £500 per bedroom given up.

10. We will have a full-time Handyperson service on site for the period before, during and after people are moving. We will provide extra support for all those residents who need it. We will also provide help with any second move if this is needed.

Beech Tree Place Community Charter

Through the co-design process, residents have also agreed a set of community priorities and a shared vision for the area. This will form the basis of the Community Charter for Beech Tree Place. The priorities include:

More homes 

  • homes for current residents
  • homes for future generations        

Better quality homes 

  • award winning design
  • keep the character (Design, brickwork, features)
  • modern facilities and size (Space standards)
  • layouts (Choice of bath, showers, kitchens)
  • accessible to meet disability needs (Lifts)
  • energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable
  • cost efficient and affordable to run
  • high standards of safety (Fire safety & designing out crime)
  • access to better technology (Fibre optic internet)

Better quality of communal areas and outdoor space

  • accessible areas (Flat paving)
  • quality outdoor space (Shared and private gardens and balconies)
  • sensitive to the surrounding setting (Church)
  • retention of Beech and Oak trees and stone eagles
  • suitable storage provision
  • effective waste disposal (Communal bin store and rubbish chutes)
  • sufficient parking for residents that need it 
  • a well-managed parking scheme that is enforced
  • install traffic calming measures
  • improved lighting