if you need any further help please contact Encompas on either  
email to  self-funders@encompass-latc.co.uk or  by telephone on  020 80792760 .Information for adults who pay the full cost of their care and support (self funders)

We recognise that many people have been identified as ‘self funders’ following a financial assessment.  We know that many people will want to make their own arrangements for meeting any care and support needs they may have., Whilst others may seek some support in meeting those needs for example someone lives on their own or where they may struggle in making such arrangements.

In line with other local authorities, from 29 January 2024,  we will be charging self-funders for administrative support which includes brokerage (finding the right services) and processing (help with managing bills and invoices). This administrative service support is optional.

Information provided here and elsewhere on our website along with information available at the Sutton Information hub will explain what’s involved.

Choosing Sutton Council to deliver administrative service support

Getting the right service at the right time is important in supporting choice and in helping to maintain independence for as long as possible.

We can help you identify a range of service providers in the borough who can provide care and support, the type of support available and their Quality Rating awarded by the Care Quality Commission. Using our arrangements will give you access to organisations that have contracts with us to provide care and support (known as ‘service providers’). These costs may be lower than the standard rates available.

The support service for self-funders will be a single point of contact within Encompass, the Council's Brokerage and Processing service. 

They will provide information on what care and support options may be available and the cost of these services. They can also provide support with understanding and raising any questions about any invoices to be paid.

In addition, the following service benefits will continue to be received.

They include: 

  • access to providers that have a contract with the Council, with agreed costs and who have been quality assured by the Council
  • help to find the right care and support services to meet any identified needs
  • help to ensure that charges and costs are fully understood
  • helping you to make the best use of your money, accessing value for money services
  • providing support with any payment disputes, should these arise
  • support to manage any variations in costs
  • communicating changes to your care and support to your service provider.

Savings below national threshold

If your savings fall below the national threshold you can request a review with a new financial assessment.

Let us know if you think your savings have or are soon to fall below the national threshold. You can contact the financial assessment team on 020 8770 5280 or email the financial assessment team

You will remain liable to pay the full cost of your service until you have been notified otherwise.

Cost for this service 

This service will cost £15.50 plus VAT per week. If you sign up, the cost will include this amount, plus the costs of care and support charged by the service provider.

For anyone doing a financial assessment after January 2024, the option will also be provided to sign up. 

There will also be a single sign-up fee of £310 plus VAT. All costs are to cover the costs of the council providing support.

From 29 January 2024, anyone joining will be required to pay a one-off fee of £310 plus VAT.

If you have any outstanding payment issues before 29 January 2024 we will try to resolve these as quickly as possible. It is advisable to set some money aside to pay what you owe in case the investigation confirms the balance due is valid.

All the costs will be reviewed yearly. 

Cancelling this service

If you would like to cancel this service, you can do by emailing us or telephone and please give us one month’s notice

Whilst the Council will seek to support the resolution of any issues which may arise, where we are providing administrative support, in all cases, the individual ‘self-funder’ remains responsible for the costs and any debts which may arise, between them and the service provider. The Council may also end arrangements in the event of the non-payment of fees. We will provide a reminder to you should fees be outstanding and where then necessary, of arrangements being brought to a close - should the outstanding monies then not be paid.

If you choose not to sign up

As a ‘self funder’ you can choose not to sign up for this support service.   You can make your own arrangements for care and support from a range of providers that work within the borough.

If you do not sign up then your care arrangements will continue but we will not be able to support any further changes or issues which may need to be addressed between you and your service provider. 

We will only provide ongoing support if someone is deemed to lack capacity under the Mental Capacity Act 2005

If you do not reply

The Council will assume that you agree to pay the weekly charge from 29 January 2024. This will need to be the case in order to provide you with continuity of support.

If you need any further help contact the Encompas team or call on 020 80792760.